Mousehole Lights

We went over to Mousehole just beyond Penzance and Newlyn this evening to see the world-famous festive illuminations. A certain magic hangs in the air at Mousehole at any time of the year, but tonight there was more. The skies were stormy and the sea, a deep blue, but the anticipation of seeing the lights coming on cut through that gloom, giving an air of enchantment, as if Tinkerbell was really going to visit this sleepy harbour, to sweep her wand over water, sand and slate, sprinkling her fairy dust, springing the whole place into life. And as the sky turned really dark and the clock struck five, one by one, the illuminations flickered on. A star-gazer pie here, a shooting star there. A robin, a cat, a dragon, a whale. Snowflakes up high among the houses, angels tucked shyly behind trees. Boat masts laced with fire-flies. The inky water came alive with light. And standing on the harbour wall, so did we.