Storm-Watchers, Porthleven

I got to Porthleven at high-tide this morning, hoping for an even bigger sea than on Wednesday when I had missed the highest point of the tide by two hours. The sea was still furiously thrashing about, but the waves were not as spectacular this time around. Instead, the wind had the biggest impact on me today – at times it was actually extremely difficult to stand up or keep the camera straight.

So instead of loads of sea shots, today my main focus was photographing the atmosphere of the place itself, including shots of some of the storm-watchers and those who keep us safe, the members of the coastguard and police. I couldn’t help noticing how different the harbour looked, empty of sailing vessels for the first time since its completion in the 1800s, after the salvage operation on Wednesday afternoon. Some of the boats lined the harbour walls and nearby car-parks – anywhere but on the dangerous water.