The Big Wednesday

The storm that hit the South West on Wednesday was as big as anticipated. I managed to get to the coast about two hours after high tide, after the school run and attending my youngest daughter’s assembly. I went to Kynance Cove on the Lizard first and just about managed a couple of shots, but the wind was dangerously high on the cliffs and it really didn’t feel safe. There was so much spray that my camera became thick with salt and seawater – not conducive to good photographs!

So I got back in the car, cleaned the camera up as best as I could and drove over to Porthleven just a few miles away. The waves were even bigger than the ones I photographed a few weeks ago. The harbour’s sea defences had been  breached by the unforgiving waves, and fishing and leisure boats were being smashed and were foundering. Well done to all the locals who heroically tried to save the stricken vessels and minimise the damage.

One of my photos appeared in the press today: